Multi-Disciplinary Centre for Neuro-Rehabilitation

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Hearing-Aid Acoustics

Hearing is an essential part of effective verbal communication. Loss of hearing can hinder normal speech and language development in children, cause communication breakdown, and over the long term, lead to social isolation.

It is our desire to assist you with sensitivity to better understand your own hearing, the impact it has on your daily functioning, and what can be done to get access to optimal communication function again.

Speech Therapy

Although Speech-Language Therapy encompasses a wide field of treatment, LOURENS Speech Therapy has a specific (although not exclusive) focus on the evaluation and treatment of speech, language and swallowing disorders related to neurological impairments. We work in both the paediatric and the adult populations.


Physiotherapy is an evolving occupation, which aims to improve the physical function of patients. This is achieved by decreasing pain, increasing strength and mobility and re-teaching movements that a patient’s body cannot perform.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy joined the STEPMED team in 2010. This growing practice works in the clinical areas of neurology and physical rehabilitation in the adult as well as the paediatric fields.

Welcome to StepMed Rehabilitation

The StepMed Centre is the brainchild of Marlene Steyn and opened its doors on 4 January 2011. It is situated in the Sonpark, Nelspruit area and boasts full wheelchair accessibility to the building, its bathrooms and all other facilities.
Each discipline functions administratively as an independent practice, but functions clinically within a team context. This means daily communication between team members from the different disciplines to ensure
  • A holistic approach to understanding and treating our patients
  • Communal patient treatment goals (set by the clinical team with the patient)
  • Continued educational cross-pollonization (that’s a fancy way of saying that we like learning from each other)

Where necessary, relevant referrals are made to highly competent and proven clinicians that share our holistic approach to patient care, including bio-kineticists, social workers, dieticians, orthotists, audiologists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Paediatricians, Maxillo-facial surgeons, Internal Specialists, Psychiatrists, Ear-Nose and Throat Specialists, and General Physicians.

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