“You find yourself truly blessed, when all-but-a-dream turns out to be your daily modus operande…”
It all started at a daily casual treadmill run.

I immediately noticed a group of people with different limitations ready for a session of Aqua therapy…

Immediately one could see the “liberation”:

The possibility for someone to be released beyond any limitations.
My heart melted, and my “career” was inevitable- I needed to contribute to this.

Being able to show people that there is more than “THIS”.
Being able to plant the seed of “HOPE”.


Working with the Lord as my foundation, I truly understand the blessing of being able to invest in relationships, growth, and moving forward with patients.

My hopes, dreams, and personal-targets includes truly hearing and understanding every patient’s call at heart.
To recognize the “end goal” – especially in times that “they” are not motivated enough to think of hope.

To be the best advocate for them; whether physical, mental or emotional.