Do I need a referral from a doctor to attend therapy at StepMed?

This is generally not necessary as we are first-line practitioners, which means that you can access our therapeutic services without the need of a referral from a doctor. There are however a few medical aids that still require a medical referral nonetheless. Please contact your medical aid prior to making an appointment to find out whether they require a referral.

Can anyone come to StepMed?

Yes. Although our clinicians have a special interest and additional training in the treatment of difficulties related to neurological causes, this is not their exclusive treatment area. Everyone is welcome. If we don’t feel that we are able to give you the best possible therapeutic treatment in the area you need help in, we will refer you to one of our colleagues that is specialised in that area.

What do I bring to my first consultation?

ID book/drivers licence / Medical aid card / MRI scans / X-Rays / any other available relevant medical records (e.g. audiograms, reports by other physicians or therapists, etc.)

How long does the rehabilitation process take?

It depends on the injury. Rehab can take anything from just a few sessions to 2 years.

If I’m unsure if I need a Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, etc. what do I do?

Send an appointment request via email with a detailed description of the problem area and we will determine which discipline needs to be consulted with.

Do you have dieticians, biokinetics or orthotics services at StepMed?

No. These therapists get contracted in from other centres. However, they often come to consult at StepMed.

Do you do home visits?

We will do home visits on rare occasions, if the patient really cannot come to the Centre, if we need to see what environment the patient lives in (for intervention planning purposes), and if the patient does not cope with therapy at the Centre (mainly children).

How does in-hospital treatment work?

We firstly need a referral from the treating doctor. We then obtain authorization from your medical aid to continue with therapy while you have been admitted to the hospital.

Do you work with medical aids?

All StepMed practices work with all medical aids. We will send your session claim to your medical aid on your behalf according to your medical aid’s tariffs for the specific services rendered. It is your responsibility to check whether you have benefits/funds available for the relevant services or assistive devices.

What is PMB and how does one apply?

PMB is an abbreviation for Prescribed Minimum Benefits. PMB is a set of minimum benefits that, by law, must be provided to all medical scheme members (even when their basic benefits have been depleted). The cover it gives includes the diagnosis, treatment and cost of ongoing care for a list of conditions. A list of these conditions is available on the internet. The application process for PMB is mainly done by the involved therapists. However, you may need to complete some forms and may need to follow up with the medical aid on the progress of the application.