Welcome to the Stepmed Centre

The STEPMED centre offers a range of rehabilitation disciplines, of which all have a special interest in the treatment of patients whose symptoms are largely due to neurological involvement(s). The disciplines work both independently as well as interdependently, drawing from each other’s knowledge and referring to other team members when it’s in the best interest of the patient, ultimately creating a clinical environment with a unique holistic multifaceted approach to healthcare.

Why Choose Stepmed Centre?

We function from a evidence based practice (EBP) planning and decision-making platform, grounded in the foundations of Professionalism and Ethics. Professionalism encompassing

  • Knowledge (our clinical tools and techniques obtained through training)
  • Elucidation (the ability to understand our available clinical tools to enable the selection of the right tool for the right task)
  • Service (Our goal in collecting knowledge is not for our own sakes, but to serve others: our patients and our community)