Welcome to StepMed Rehabilitation

The Centre is home to a variety of para-medical services, including
  • Hearing Aid Acoustics
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Therapy
The StepMed Centre is the brainchild of Marlene Steyn and opened its doors on 4 January 2011. It is situated in the Sonpark, Nelspruit area and boasts full wheelchair accessibility to the building, its bathrooms and all other facilities.
Each discipline functions administratively as an independent practice, but functions clinically within a team context. This means daily communication between team members from the different disciplines to ensure
  • A holistic approach to understanding and treating our patients
  • Communal patient treatment goals (set by the clinical team with the patient)
  • Continued educational cross-pollonization (that’s a fancy way of saying that we like learning from each other)
Where necessary, relevant referrals are made to highly competent and proven clinicians that share our holistic approach to patient care, including bio-kineticists, social workers, dieticians, orthotists, audiologists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Paediatricians, Maxillo-facial surgeons, Internal Specialists, Psychiatrists, Ear-Nose and Throat Specialists, and General Physicians.

Team Member Training

All the Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists working at the Stepmed Centre have completed an additional qualification in the treatment of adult patients with neurological (brain) injuries, based on the BOBATH holistic treatment concept. Various team members have also completed an 8-week Neuro Developmental Training (NDT) qualification.

Our Vision

The vision at StepMed is to assist all patients to reach their optimal function levels (physically and emotionally), to enable optimal independence and access to activities of daily living.

In short, we would like to facilitate your rehabilitation journey to achieve the best quality of life possible, making the best use of the resources available to you and to us.

Our Mission

The StepMed mission is best illustrated in the below image.

Source: Chabon et al., 2011

StepMed functions within an Evidence Based Practice (EBP) context. This means that we base our treatment of patients on a combination of the following principles:

  • Best current evidence (research, patient feedback, clinical observations);
  • Client values and preferences (taking each client’s individual needs, support frameworks;
  • Feelings and goals into account); and
  • Clinical experience and expertise.

By taking these factors into consideration during planning and decision-making, we have the best chance of delivering treatment and assistance that reflect the interests, values, needs and choices of the individuals we serve.

We believe that EBP planning and decision-making are grounded in the foundational platforms of Professionalism and Ethics. Professionalism encompassing

  • Knowledge (our clinical tools and techniques obtained through training)
  • Elucidation (the ability to understand our available clinical tools to enable the selection of the right tool for the right task)
  • Service (Our goal in collecting knowledge is not for our own sakes, but to serve others)

Ethics referring to:

  • Autonomy (to respect and protect the patient’s right to make their own decisions)
  • Non-maleficence (to not purposely do anything that will harm a patient or put a patient at risk)
  • Benificence (to always act in the best interest and to the benefit of the patient)
  • Justice (to treat all patients with equality and fairness; to make the best use of available resources)